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Access Panel FAQs

20 Access Panel FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions).

1. What size hole do I need to cut in the wall or ceiling?

A) The best example would be if you’re ordering a 600 x 600mm Access Panel, then you will need to make the hole in the wall or ceiling (the structural opening) 605 x 605mm. (5mm larger than the panel size). 

2. How quick is delivery and how much is it?

A) We offer free next day delivery if you order before 3pm (12pm on Friday). If not next day, we aim to deliver within 48 hours. 

3. What are the differences between your range of Access Panels?

A) We offer multiple Access Panel types. Our FlipFix easy installation range are the most popular due to their revolutionary and unique FlipFix mechanism.  

4. What is a plasterboard door beaded frame?

A) Plasterboard doors with beaded frames are used when you need to plaster over the door and the frame, so all you will see is the outline of the panel in the wall or ceiling. This looks very neat and tidy. 

5. How do I install a plastic access panel? 

A) You’re able to use glue to secure the plastic access panel in place. 

6. You don't sell the size I require, can you manufacture to custom sizes?

A) Can’t find the size you require on our website? Contact us, we guarantee we can manufacture an access panel to suit your project requirements. 

7. Can you make waterproof Access Panels?

A) Unfortunately we do not manufacture waterproof access panels. 

8. Do you have airtight Access Panels available?

A) We’re able to manufacture air tight access panels however, at a higher cost. These access panels have been tested in accordance with EN 1634-3:2004 & BS 5368: Part 1:1976. 

9. What is the most concealed access panel you have for sale?

A) The most concealed access panel we have for sale is the plasterboard beaded frame. 

10. How long will it take for me to receive my access panel if I order online?

A) If you order online, this is usually a stocked size. This means there will be no manufacturing involved and you will receive your access panel within 1 – 2 working days.

11. What does structural opening mean?

A) Structural opening is the size of the hole in your wall / ceiling. 

12. Do you sell tiled access panels for bathrooms?

A) We can custom manufacture tiled access panels to suit your project requirements, please contact us for a quotation. 

13. What does beaded frame mean?

A) Beaded frames are frames which can be plastered over, whereas picture frames is retrofit and no plastering will be required. 

14. Do you sell Access Panels that can be used on the floor?

A) Unfortunately we do not sell Access Panels that can be used on the floor. However, we do sell Floor Access Covers. 

15. My access panel has arrived damaged, what should I do?

A) Firstly, sorry your access panel has arrived damaged, this is uncommon. Please contact us immediately with photographic evidence and we will gladly get a replacement to you. 

16. How long does it take to install an access panel?

A) The time to install our access panels is dependant on which access panel you’re referring to. Our FlipFix range can take approximately 10-15 minutes, whereas standard access panels can take up to 30-45 minutes. 

17. How do I open / close one of your access panels?

A) As standard, our access panels come with a tee-key, we do offer different locking options if required – Please contact us or choose these at checkout.

18. What colour are the access panels you sell?

A) The standard colour of our access panels is RAL9010 white however, we can powder coat the access panel in almost any RAL colour required. An alternative option is for us to dust prime the access panel which allows the consumer to paint the panel themselves.

19. What does dual purpose mean and are your access panels dual purpose?

A) A dual purpose access panel is an access panel that can be installed in both a wall or ceiling. Most of our stock panels are dual purpose however, we don’t recommend installing the plastic access panel in a ceiling. 

20. What is the difference between picture frame and beaded frame?

A) Picture frames are 25mm frames around an access panel and the frame will be visible when installed therefore, you don’t have to worry about how neat the hole is. The beaded frame allows you to plaster over it, so all you see is the white door and no frame. 

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