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Benefits of FlipFix Access Panels

What are the beneftis of FlipFix Access Panels?

1. Unique Quickfix Mechanism


Every FlipFix Access Panel has a unique fitting device which easily secures the panel against plasterboard / drywall with a thickness ranging from 9mm – 32mm. Because of this, you could save up to 80% on fitting times. No extra materials are needed and the frame is pulled tight to the ceiling, removing any gaps.

2. Flush Locking System


Unique flush locking system sits flush with the fact of the panel making it almost invisible. Therefore there are no more lost bungs, no more scratches to the face whilst removing the bung and a sleek flush design.

3. Mitreless Frame


Mitreless frame is created from one sheet of metal, meaning joins aren’t needed. This makes for a much sturdier, cleaner access panel and its cheaper as less material is required.

4. Pop Out Template


Every FlipFix Access Panel comes with a pop out template, this removes the need for measuring as the template is the perfect size to suit the structural opening of the panel. This helps make the installation even faster.

FlipFix Access Panels

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