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Making buildings greener with APD insulated loft hatches

As Britain braces itself for a turbulent Winter, homeowners are looking for ways to help reduce the cost of rising household bills and keep living spaces warm.

Study from the Office of National statistics confirms that UK homes are some of the worst insulated in Europe, and more energy is required to keep them warm. There are many ways to reduce energy loss, such double glazing, insulated/cavity wall protection, and loft insulation.

*Retrofitting low-efficiency homes would save English households an average £430 off their bills, according to a new report from a progressive London-based thinktank.

Many of these methods can prove to be costly, which in todays’ economic climate is not an option for many homeowners, however certain small changes can help alleviate some of these pressures and help save on monthly costs.

Access Panels Direct; specialist suppliers of access panels, loft hatches and riser doors are pleased to be supporting homeowners by launching their new awareness campaign by making buildings greener with Energy Efficient Access Solutions.

The campaign is focused around educating homeowners and contractors on the small, cost -effective changes that can be made to residences, such as not having an insulated loft hatch, oftens means heat is dispersing up towards the top of your house, simultaneously cold air is being circulated from the top, through to bedrooms and lower levels of the house. An insulated loft restricts the air from ventilating through, preventing cold drafts from the loft entering day-to-day accommodated areas, resulting in more comfortable temperatures in the living space of your home.

Installing an insulated loft hatch is less of a strain on the pocket and offers peace of mind, Kate Neal Sales Director at APD states we believe in offering the best solutions when it comes to access systems within the home or any other building. Our loft hatches are regulated to meeting building standards, but also offer added benefits designed to improve access, reduce carbon footprint and prevent condensation in the loft space. If your loft space is currently uninsulated, having this draught proofing option can make a big difference to your home and energy bills.

General awareness and educated not only homeowners, but contractors and property developers of the differences when it comes to the variation of loft access, we believe is compulsory, introducing this energy efficient solution from the offset will again contribute to the government’s plans of meeting net-zero by 2023.

For more information or to shop our selection of loft hatches follow this link https://bit.ly/3NXKy56

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