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Fire Rated Loft Hatches

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Made To Measure Loft Hatches

Finding the perfect loft access hatch that matches the unique dimensions of your loft opening can be challenging with standard sizes. That’s where our made-to-measure loft hatches come into play, offering a tailored solution that ensures a seamless fit for any home. Our bespoke service lets you specify the exact size, style, measurement, and features you need, making your loft access practical, efficient, and stylish.

Many homeowners utilise their loft space to store bulky, seasonal items such as christmas decorations and luggage. The importance of a modern loft hatch in this context cannot be overstated.

A contemporary loft hatch enhances access to these storage areas while effectively maintaining insulation and draught-proofing. This design consideration ensures that warm air remains in the loft during summer, keeping living spaces cooler. Conversely, winter prevents cold air from infiltrating living areas, keeping them warm.

Customisable Dimensions and Styles

Our loft access hatches also known as ceiling hatches are designed to accommodate a wide range of sizes, ensuring you get a product that fits your space perfectly. Whether you have a smaller loft opening or require a larger hatch, we can craft a hatch to meet your specifications. Our bespoke loft hatch is available in two main styles:

Insulation and Efficiency

Our loft hatches are designed with energy efficiency in mind. With insulation values achieving a U-value of 0.43 W/m²K for fire-rated options and 0.760 W/m²K for non fire rated options, our hatches help maintain your home’s thermal efficiency, reducing heat loss and saving on energy bills.

Locking Mechanisms

Depending on your chosen model and size, our loft hatches come equipped with different locking mechanisms to enhance security and ease of use:

Quality and Craftsmanship

Proudly designed and manufactured in the UK, we take pride in our loft hatches constructed with the highest quality materials. The panel is finished with a Powder Coated RAL 9010 30% Gloss, with other colours available upon request, allowing you to customise the look to match your home’s decor.

Fire-Rated Loft Hatches

Access Panels Direct is where you’ll find the best fire-rated new loft hatches, made just right for commercial spots. We get how crucial it is to keep your place safe for everyone inside, be it your staff, customers, or your gear. That’s why our loft hatches are solid, offering either 30 or 60 minutes of fire resistance to give you that extra peace of mind.

Built Tough and Smart

Made from tough heavy duty Zintec Steel and coated with a nice polyester powder finish, our hatches aren’t just sturdy; they look the part too. They’re kitted out with mineral fibre insulation inside the door, helping keep the heat in and your bills down.

A Guide to Choosing the Right Loft Hatch

Compatibility with your existing structural opening size should be the primary consideration when choosing a new loft hatch. Our range of standard loft hatches is engineered to fit seamlessly between 600mm joist centres, which aligns with the UK Building Regulations’ longstanding requirement for the standard spacing between timber ceiling joists in the loft. 

This spacing typically results in an opening width of approximately 560mm, give or take 5mm. Consequently, most of our loft hatches are designed to accommodate this width. If our standard sizes do not meet your requirements, we offer a bespoke service to create a made-to-measure loft hatch tailored to your specific dimensions. Further details on our custom loft hatch options are available upon request.

Part L Building Regulations

Energy efficiency is key under Part L of the Building Regulations, which focuses on conserving fuel and power. Given that heat naturally rises, an uninsulated property can lose up to 25% of its heat through the roof. Loft insulation is a critical step in reducing this heat loss. However, the significance of a well-insulated and draught-proof loft hatch should not be overlooked, as its surface area is comparable to that of a window. A poorly performing loft hatch can undermine the benefits of a well-insulated loft.

For new constructions, Part L mandates that the overall U-value for lofts should not exceed 0.35 W/m²K. Our products comply with and surpass these requirements, boasting a U-value of 0.35 W/m²K. This ensures they meet NHBC guidelines and local building regulations, offering superior energy efficiency and performance.

U Value explained

U-Value tells us how much heat can escape through something like a loft hatch. It measures how fast heat moves through one square metre of the hatch when the inside is 1 degree Celsius warmer than the outside, and this is shown as Watts per Square Metre Kelvin. Our loft hatches are exceptional at keeping heat in, with a U-Value of 0.35 W/m²K, which means they’re better than what’s usually required.

Why Choose Access Panels Direct

At Access Panels Direct, we understand the importance of energy efficiency, ease of installation, and seamless design in your home. We have meticulously designed our loft hatches with your needs in mind. Our loft hatches are insulated to not only ensure your home stays warm and energy-efficient but also come with all the necessary components, including screws, making installation a breeze. Our drop-down loft hatches’ modern, low-profile design ensures they blend seamlessly into any contemporary property, enhancing its functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Insulation and Draught Proofing

We specifically engineer our range of loft hatches to provide unparalleled insulation and draught-proofing. With multiple insulation options available, including various thicknesses of expanded polystyrene and polyurethane, we ensure your loft hatch is suitable for use in meeting and surpassing sustainability regulations. We carefully make every variant to include draught seals around the loft hatch frame and the door, creating an airtight seal. This design excellence meets the air leakage requirements of Part L of the Building Regulations and prevents moist, warm air from entering the roof space — a common cause of condensation and heat loss.

Energy Efficient

By choosing Access Panels Direct, you’re selecting a draught sealed loft hatch that offers protection against energy loss, ensuring ongoing energy cost savings and contributing to a more sustainable home environment. Our commitment to quality and sustainability is reflected in our selection of loft hatches, making them the perfect choice for any homeowner seeking to enhance their property’s energy efficiency and aesthetic value.



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