GL250-50mm 562 x 726mm Manthorpe Loft Hatch For New Build

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    The Manthorpe 2 section loft ladder (maximum height of 2.6m) is compatible with this loft hatch. Would you like to add this onto your order?

    • Please note: This product has a maximum ceiling height of 2.6m.
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    562 x 726mm Manthorpe Loft Hatch For New Build

    Product Reference: GL250-50mm


    • Door and frame are fully draught sealed.
    • Seals supported by 12 perimeter catches.
    • Sliding door catch operated from a single point.
    • All hinge, catch and fixing geometry is located
      outside of the seal, providing no air leakage paths.
    • Hinge detail hidden when door is locked.
    • Hinge pivot is positioned to maximise opening.
    • Innovative design of the hinge makes the door
      fully removable in seconds.
    • Screws fix up into timbers, for fast and simple
      installation and optimum pressure on frame seal.
    • Fully insulated door panel.
    • Hinge blockers prevent unwanted door removal
    • Compatible with GLL256 and GLL257 loft ladders

    Loft Hatch Specification

    Insulated Loft Hatch Specification
    Colour: White
    Packing details: Individually packed in a polythene bag and boxed
    Box weight: 4.85kg
    Material: High impact polystyrene
    Manufacturing process: Injection moulded
    Draught seals: Expanded polyurethane
    Insulation 50mm Expanded Polystyrene


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